Jack The Ripper


Jack The Rip Perry (UK: Jack the Ripper) is the nickname of a serial killer who murders in the “White Chapel” which is a resident of the City of London’s poor in the second half of the year 1888. pen name came from the news published in various newspapers. News letter to the Central News Agency by a mysterious author who claims to be a killer. Although there is an investigation and a lot of credibility theory. I can not tell the true face of your killer.
Myths about serial killer Jack the Ripper has become the Hellenistic period. Between serious historical research. Conspiracy theory and folklore. The lack of clear evidence that there is caused. “A Perryville Christmas science” was used to refer to historians and amateur detectives, the lawsuit claims, or allusions to famous people. That is a Stig trip. Newspaper sales increase greatly in which the punishment that was due to the failure of the police can not arrest the criminals. The killer martial encouraged and challenged. The event is continuing steadily. Sometimes the police arrived at the scene only 2-3 minutes but not a villain.
Most victims are women out money from time to time with a prostitute. The murder occurred in a public or semi-public All the victims were slashed throat. After the carcasses are cut into the abdomen and sometimes the genitals. Estimated that the victim was strangled silence before the murder. There are many cases that have been cut out intestines. The inference is that the killer might be a surgeon or a butcher. This is not a conclusion.


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